In Australia, GovCamp started in 2011 almost simultaneously in Canberra and then Sydney, followed quickly the following year in Brisbane.

While these events were all independent, in 2014 GovCamp Australia was drawn together as a collaborative program of free, open events supported by a national advisory circle and a hub to coordinate resourcing, event training and knowledge transfer.

The landscape is evolving in and around GovCamp and in 2014 the national team started to explore the best way to push forward now we’ve taken the first steps towards a national framework.

Revitalised approaches include:

Social knowledge format An ‘unconference’ format based on social knowledge principles and practices.  Open, participatory discussion in short sessions with topics nominated by participants. Conversation segments framed with brief, scene-setting ‘lightning’ presentations and multi-point video link-ups.
Mobilising a knowledge legacy Conversation noted via ‘live’ interactive document apps and captured into thematic streams.  A focus on ideas and contributions that encourage momentum.
Advisory circle Discussion outcomes curated with the support of a GovCamp Australia advisory circle of innovation leaders and academics together with public sector thought leaders.  This national advisory circle is currently chaired by former NSW Information Commissioner – and GovCamp alumna – Deirdre O’Donnell.
Creating a model for future events The pilot one-day nationally networked event on “Innovation for Public Purpose” planned as an introductory ramp-up to enable future jurisdiction-specific GovCamps on diverse themes, for agencies, for Local Government, for regions – and can be designed to complement strategic momentum within States and territory jurisdictions as well as locally.
Piloting a resource hub Piloting the case for a hub to support a legacy resource program providing coordination, tools, guidelines and seeding for future local events.
Demonstrating open, cross-sector collaboration at work GovCamp Australia is a not-for-profit initiative.  It is run in an open, collaborative style.  It is not connected to any partisan agenda or corporate interest.