GovCamp Australia is about more than events – it’s an invitation to be part of an ongoing conversation to inspire and shape new opportunities around innovation for public purpose.

It is an opportunity to talk with a mix of people – from inside and outside government, from the worlds of technology and policy, of community and universities – about sharing ideas for public-purpose innovation in ways that support real-world momentum.

Who attends – just the public sector or others?

GovCamp is firstly for the public sector – federal, state/territory and local government – and we acknowledge the varying challenges facing each sphere of government.

It’s also an important way that private sector contributors as well as civic innovators and change-makers can interact in the spirit of sharing ideas and experience. (It’s not, however, a forum for pitching or griping.)

GovCamp wordle

This is a call to people who want to come a be part of a conversation about innovation in government.

So much innovation involves creative and clever use of the new social technologies, so that is obviously a key part of the conversation.  However, GovCampAU aims to build upon the “tech” or “gov2.0” emphasis and explore how these  well-established  fields can now lay the ground for much-needed innovation at a time when resilience in government is a prime focus.

Going forward

The range of events in capital cities since 2011 has led to the emergence of a 2014 program which is being developed in the style and spirit of the ‘unconference Camp’. Through open, participatory dialogue we hope to help bridge public sector stakeholder groups and civil society .