The following tabs contain 1) Conversation cafe visualised feedback about triggers, types and value of public sector innovation, and 2) themes and topics proposed in the 3 GovCamp sessions: people, spaces, conversations.


Red = as it, yellow = should be, brown = both




  • How to encourage more informal communication – less status conscious
  • Anyone want to form a rogue working group to abolish workflow around briefing notes??
  • Employee KPIs around public sector innovation
  • How do we eliminate silos in a Division?
  • How can we deal with layers of bureaucracy and risk aversion
  • Management encourage innovation and change BUT staff are to sceptical and resist the ideas put forward because “management won’t listen”
  • How do we work across jurisdictions (fed and state) to innovate when our goals are the same
  • How to tap into individual employee motivation to achieve business outcomes and results; how do we encourage staff to participate in the innovation conversation – we can tap into the same group of people, how to broaden the reach


  • Does the office environment stifle creativity? How do we fix it?
  • How do you achieve implementation once innovation has succeeded – how do you break through the ‘force-field’?
  • How do we engage people who don’t know Twitter etc to build knowledge and use it (i.e. us!)
  • Do innovation labs work?
  • How to create a safe space for innovation and ideas acceptance
  • How can social investment bonds be used to best effect in human services
  • How to move from reactive to creating spaces for innovation


  • Reduce fear of failure
  • How do we manage large interdependent priorities and systems
  • Why is there a disconnect between innovation now and the way we want it to be
  • Collaboration across government and with communities and business
  • What is the best way to engage with senior leaders who are resistant to change
  • How do you influence leaders who are only thinking of themselves
  • How can we ensure that cost and benefits are calculated before enacted to ensure ROI
  • How do we create a culture of incremental, seamless and continuous innovation given our policy, procedures and approval times

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Theme conversations

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