The following tabs contain 1) Conversation cafe visualised feedback about triggers, types and value of public sector innovation, and 2) themes and topics proposed in the 3 GovCamp sessions: people, spaces, conversations.


Red = as it, yellow = should be, brown = both




  • Motivating people: flat structure vs command and control; how to train staff to be flexibly placed with the PS; do frontline staff need to be involved in developing ideas for innovation
  • Use of Behavioural Insights: potential for randomised control trials in Tasmania; bring together data, intel and behaviours


  • Having created the “perfect” culture and infrastructure for capturing ideas within an organisation, what might be the best approach to evaluating and prioritising the subsequent “flood”; implementing innovation programs
  • Creating a physical innovation and creativity space in the office environment; best practice office space
  • Best “vehicle” for using co-design principles to solve innovation problems (innovation lab?)


  • How to flatten the hierarchy but maintain a chain of responsibility
  • Building research into program design
  • Keeping the GovCamp Innovation Dialogues conversation alive
  • Digital literacy: missed opportunity to leverage gov digital services off NBN rollout
  • Improving use of skills

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Theme conversations

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