The following tabs contain 1) Conversation cafe visualised feedback about triggers, types and value of public sector innovation, and 2) themes and topics proposed in the 3 GovCamp sessions: people, spaces, conversations.


Red = as it, yellow = should be, brown = both




  • Issues of power and control
  • How do we enable more people to participate – move away from male, pale and stale?
  • Navigating the changing lines of influence and power (within larger organisations in particular) and how when they change, priorities for delivery change
  • How to change public expectations about doing what we can with limited resources?
  • How do deal with change fatigue in staff?
  • How might we encourage greater skill sharing internally and amongst government organisations?


  • How to create spaces in a workplace to let/force people to think “out of the box”?
  • How do you create space to think when everyone is so “busy”?
  • Where does government succeed currently in utilising start-up mindsets? How can it do this more effectively?
  • What are different government departments doing about innovating in the Learning & Development space?


  • Role of technology in innovation as a trigger or enabler – too often I hear “result =new system implemented”
  • What does it mean to be a sharing city: sharing skills, time and infrastructure, exchanging surplus assets and focusing on access over ownership?
  • How can different levels of govt and non-gov collaborate on program delivery to improve outcomes for their customers?
  • GovHack & open data: connecting govt data custodians & policymakers with technologists and the community
  • Co-Designing and experimenting – role of government as a knowledge broker

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