The following tabs contain 1) Conversation cafe visualised feedback about triggers, types and value of public sector innovation, and 2) themes and topics proposed in the 3 GovCamp sessions: people, spaces, conversations.


Red = as it, yellow = should be, brown = both




  • Shared experiences of what makes a great innovation champion
  • How to engage citizens in development of policy and process
  • Attracting and retaining the right talent for innovation
  • Can immigrants bring new ways of doing things? What is working somewhere else?
  • How to get buy-in and engagement during innovation?
  • Establish a process to engage and spread people’s ideas
  • How to establish partnership with private sector?
  • Start from pre-education and culturalisation of top-down so that over time employees become willing to risk


  • Establishing an innovation system in our department
  • Better use and promotion of Innovation Centre WA
  • People drive innovation diversity
  • Making spaces that will not close due to being in the paper
  • Mapping the WA innovation landscape
  • Establishing a WA Innovation taskforce


  • Creating a vision and long term planning for innovation
  • Departmental knowledge sharing
  • If you merge different programs/departments how do you prevent the program/Dept taking over the thinking and processes and innovation in the new merged organisation?
  • How to establish a culture of innovation?
  • How do deal with risk in order to encourage innovation?
  • The Economic Development Alliance of WA – public and private sector collaboration

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Theme conversations

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