The following tabs contain 1) Conversation cafe visualised feedback about triggers, types and value of public sector innovation, and 2) themes and topics proposed in the 3 GovCamp sessions: people, spaces, conversations.


Red = as it, yellow = should be, brown = both




  • Creating space for collaboration in NSW gov
  • Creating opportunities for ppl to come together in a non-project activity to share ideas/skills/strengths and promote discussion
  • Achieving the space/time continuum
  • How do we get money for prototyping


  • Managing conflict between staff
  • Building respect for the PS
  • Managing up
  • Expanding social networking


  • How to get an idea across the line, or to the next stage
  • Innovative projects – how to get money out of treasury
  • How do I get to senior decision-makers if my immediate manager is resistant to change
  • Collaboration with private sector when IP issues get in the way

Twitter stream


Theme conversations

See the live collective notes for Sydney below (or open in a new window).