During July GovCamp Australia has been convening the Innovation Dialogues (iD): a series of gatherings in each capital city as part of Australia’s Public Sector Innovation Month 2015. 


To complete this 2015 GovCamp series we are convening an interactive National Forum – iN Forum – in Canberra on Friday, 28 August.

The iN Forum will draw together the threads and themes of the Innovation Dialogues, plus other Innovation Month activities. It will bring in insights from leaders, commentators and participants from the capital city events, and build on them to coalesce a national picture of public sector innovation. This will feed into the work of the Department of Industry and Science, the Public Sector Innovation Network and the newly formed cross-agency Innovation Champions Group.  The key questions being explored will include:

  • What does the public sector innovation landscape look like?
  • What is the value of mapping a public sector innovation ecosystem?
  • What next?

Download the draft program (PDF)


This interactive National Forum is part-meeting, part-workshop and conducted via video from the University of Canberra INSPIRE Centre – hosted independently to enable open knowledge exchange across jurisdictions and sectors.


Distilling the massive learnings from the 8-city iDialogues series, the theme is “People, Spaces, Conversations: Finding Mutual Value in Public Sector Innovation”.  Join in to find out…

  • What pattern emerged between city dialogues?
  • What were the topics people most wanted to discuss?

The 3-hour intensive session will deliver

  • Presentations
  • Video interaction between cities, and
  • Thought leadership and commentary on public sector innovation from a highly experienced ‘iNsight Circle’.

Two special guests via video


  • From Denmark Christian Bason – author of “Leading Public Sector Innovation” and known to many from his work in Australia – will comment on understanding the PS innovation ecosystem, as discussed at the iDialogues.
  • From Canberra, the new head of the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Office (DTO) – Paul Shetler – will explore digital trends in PS innovation drawing on his recent experience in London within the UK Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service (GDS).

iN Forum innovation iNsight Circle


We’re pleased to have convened a great team who will join for the whole program to bring their combined experience and unique perspectives.

  • Sarah Pearson: Board member, DFAT Innovation Xchange; CEO, Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN)
  • Pia Waugh: GovHack founder / Aust Gov DTO)
  • Alex Marsden: lecturer /public sector advisor; fmr co-founder,Design Gov
  • Carolyn Curtis: CEO, the Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) and Board member, global Social Innovation Exchange (SIX)
  • Martin Stewart-Weeks: public sector advisory, Public Purpose P/L and Deloitte; board member, TACSI.

As well, we will hear from three specialists:


  • Alex Roberts: Innovation Advocate, Australian Government Department of Industry & Science; coordinator of the Public Sector Innovation Network.
  • Alun Probert: former head of Communications, NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet; head, GovCom Group
  • Peter Elford: Director Government Relations & e-Research Liaison, AARNet

WHO will be participating?

  • Senior public sector leaders
  • Public sector innovation practitioners
  • Innovation experts and commentators
  • Academics, institutes, civic innovators and private service providers.

WHY participate?

The purpose will be to collectively take a national snapshot of what’s happening around Australia in public sector innovation and to explore options for further momentum through connected dialogue and knowledge exchange between jurisdictions as well as sectors.

  • This is a unique national workshop on public sector innovation trends.
  • It will give all participants a rare opportunity to be part of a national conversation on strategic issues in a way that practical linkages can be mapped to their work program
  • You can co-create next steps in GovCamp’s PSI Ecosystem Dialogue Project
  • We will preview the 10+ city GovCamp LiVE challenge program


If you were part of the Innovation Dialogues in your city, you experienced leadership panel discussions, conversation cafes and more than 130 GovCamp-style sessions on a wide range of themes – from societal to institutional to personal – discussed in an open and participatory way.

Hear what 570 people said about…

  • What TRIGGERS PS innovation currently – and what perhaps should
  • Where TYPES of PS innovation happen – and where it should
  • The ways we VALUE PS innovation – and ways we should

Maintaining momentum

This national link-up will also make progress towards two key initiatives:

  • Shared knowledge: The GovCamp Innovation Dialogues have built momentum towards a national dialogue on mapping the public sector innovation ecosystem. There is considerable support from within the GovCamp community across Australia as well as from leading advisors and learning institutions to continuing with this initiative under the GovCampus umbrella.
  • A national dialogue: The opportunity to make a contribution to shaping GovCamp LiVE – a national one-day program on 21 November designed to host open dialogue sessions to identify key PS operational & societal challenges, to map new options, and interacting across more than a dozen locations

So please join us to hear what others have been saying around the country, and help shape the next stage of this national conversation on public sector innovation ecosystems and skills.

Download the draft program (PDF)