Join us in July 2015 for a national conversation.

The 2015 Innovation Dialogues will be held in the following locations:

PSINSydney: Tue 14 July
Brisbane: Wed 15 July
Hobart: Mon 20 July
Canberra: Wed 22 July
Adelaide: Thu 23 July
Melbourne: Fri 24 July (updated date)
Perth: Mon 27 July
Darwin: Wed 29 July
National: Fri 28 August (updated date)

Your participation

We are committed to the principles of equity and diversity for GovCamps, and in this spirit we want to keep the events free to attend.  However, a lot of hard work from volunteers and generosity from sponsors goes into making this possible.  So, in exchange for your free ticket we’re asking a couple of things of you:

  1. Tell us why coming to a GovCamp event is important to you

As part of your registration, we’re asking a few broad questions about why you want to attend and what you are hoping to get out of this GovCampAU event.  This adds value in a couple of ways – as convenors, it helps us understand people’s hopes and expectations, and means we can craft the day to make sure everyone gets as much as possible out of it.  Answering these questions also helps you get clear about why you want to attend, so that you arrive at the event with purpose and ready to have open conversations with a diversity of people.


  1. Share your stories and learning

The sharing of social knowledge – ideas, practices, tools and views – is a key part of the GovCamp experience. So, please:

  • turn up on the day (or if you can’t, make sure you release your ticket to someone who can)
  • listen, challenge and participate in the conversations
  • take responsibility for your own personal learning and development outcomes
  • share your learning openly via social streams at the event or on other spaces.  For example, this can be in the form of tweets on the day, a blog post on your own site or an email to the organisers sharing your observations that we can publish on the website.

We welcome your full participation and hope that you can join us at one of the events!

Photo credit: Gavin Tapp

Interested in being part of the team?

4eA network advisors and ‘unorganisers’ helps to make GovCampAU possible.  We’re looking for people willing to help out with:

  • local event logistics and coordination
  • social reporting via social channels
  • capturing and curating discussion on event hackpads
  • anything else we haven’t thought of!

If you’d like to get involved, please mark the relevant options when you register to participate, or feel free to send us an email – we’d love to have you on board.