GovCamp aims to provide open, participatory spaces for the free exchange of ideas and experience. The outcomes happen on two levels:

  • the participants’ own experience of exchanging knowledge and connections;
  • the newer goal of eliciting and curating ‘social knowledge’ that may be distilled and fed back into points of influence within the public sector and other institutions.

The innovators of government are listening

GovCamp events are an opportunity for people who want to come and be part of a conversation about innovation in the public sector, and more widely in delivering public-purpose programs.

For the team organising GovCamp Australia, as well as our partners and supporters, it is vital that lessons from the GovCamp events and activities are not lost.  Our commitment to Our commitment to the participants and supporters is to ensure that the learnings and combined experience from each of the GovCamp initiatives is passed to those public sector leaders – federal, state or local – as well as other centres of influence who are listening and seeking opportunities for new ways forward.