Some links and readings on the topic of innovation to whet your appetite, compiled by our GovCamp team:

1. “To convince people – come at them from different angles” – Ignore the title as it does not indicate content well – this is more about people getting the same message from different sources – the Gov2.0 message needs to come from others not in government – and make it as many different sources as possible

2. Stop blabbing about innovation and actually start doing it

3. Disruptive technology and how to compete for the future

4. Innovation by the NSW Department of education – a bit publicity style but the content is relevant

5. Innovation and diversity – one of the things the APS gets wrong is the whole hiring in your own image thing – (well most of the time anyway) – this article stresses the importance of diverse thinking in order to be successful innovators

6. How to create products hand in hand with your customer – don’t read this one superficially – the concepts presented are true for any Gov2.0 stakeholder engagement – the stakeholder has to be part of the design process (as in Gov 2.0)

7. Need to innovate – start with hiring

8. How do you manufacture innovation

9. “The Cambridge phenomenon” about how an English town in a swamp became an innovation powerhouse:

10. Every innovative team needs these

11. The new science of building great teams from HBR

12. Innovate on purpose : blog site dedicated to ideas, conversations and approaches for sustainable, repeatable innovation. There are some excellent blog postings which really make you think about the key issues in the innovation space.

13. Four ways to keep great ideas from getting stuck in the pipeline

14. Innovation – the magic formula – art or science or a combination of both?