Mixing up perspectives: Moving beyond the tech-enabled

GovCamps are typically for practitioners, advisors and leaders interested in such areas as:

  • policy and program development
  • technical and project management
  • open data, online engagement and user experience
  • communication and citizen engagement specialists
  • co-design and collaboration

as well as others with a story to tell or a question to ask about innovation and the implementation of new ways of working for public purpose outcomes.

Typically, at a GovCamp it can be anticipated that there will be some inspiring sessions on big-picture policy around ‘connected government’, high-level strategic direction and what is happening in program innovation around the world.

Learn how dialogue can be a professional development tool

GovCamp Australia is about creating spaces for energised, participatory discussion around issues that are important or emergent, or both. We aim to provide a bridge between formal, structured learning and open, informal knowledge exchange; between identified best practice and emergent practice.

We are in ongoing consultation with education institutions and sectoral associations to enhance the relevance of GovCamp to the real-world workplace and the networks for public innovation.

Develop new ideas for current priorities

Bring a topic you’d like to discuss to GovCamp.  You don’t have to be an expert or have the answer to start a discussion.  Chances are, you’ll mobilise interest around you from others with similar interests.

Value in = value out

A lot goes in to making a GovCamp happen.

The national and local organising teams put a lot of effort into curating inspiring speakers and hosting well-planned events at great venues to ensure that the interaction between participants is fruitful.

We also talk regularly with our Advisory Circle and others to ensure that discussion themes are topical and relevant to the challenges of the public sector and their collaborators from other sectors.

Finally, however, it’s up to all participants to bring candour and relevant discussion to their GovCamp experience.